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Since 1991 ANCOM has provided superior two-way radio expertise and service, as demonstrated by the following success stories:

Metro Mechanical Contractor

It has always been a pleasure to do business with ANCOM Communications.

From their great salesmen, who have always been considerate and gone beyond the required job to fulfill our needs, to their very prompt service.

I will continue to do business through ANCOM Communications and ANCOM Technical Center. They make themselves the easy choice for all our radio equipment needs.

Warehouse Manager

Twin Cities Area Middle School

Our middle school serves 1,300 students and the campus covers 54 acres. Two-way radio communication provided by ANCOM solves many of our urgent, complex, and vital communication needs. The principals can be contacted immediately and are not "tied" to the office. Custodians are accessible no matter where they are in the building. Physical Education classes carry radios when they are outside for class so that they can report injuries and request assistance. Two programs for at risk students also have a radio for communication with the office.

Ross Cirksena, our ANCOM representative, recommended the Motorola HT750 for our use. The frequencies are assigned exclusively to us. There is no interference, we are confident that our communications are secured, and with the repeater antenna we are able to communicate anywhere in a five mile radius. This is extremely important for district-wide emergencies, and works effectively for our grounds and maintenance crew.

The durability, reliablility, and security of the radios have proven themselves over the past five years. Just as importantly, the service provided by Mr. Ross Cirksena has been prompt, professional, and reliable. In this day and age of always having to do more with less, two-way communication has allowed us to become extremely efficient. Our Middle School is safe, secure, efficient, and focused on education. The Motorola radios assist us greatly in these important efforts.

– Twin Cities Area Middle School Principal

Wisconsin County Sheriff’s Department

We recently changed providers for our Motorola equipment.  ANCOM came in and did a complete evaluation of our equipment before they took over the system.  They found problems which our previous provider had not caught and advised us of the corrections needed.

We previously had chronic problems with one of our repeaters that never seemed to satisfactorily have been corrected.   Within 2 months of taking over the service contract, this repeater again "acted up".  ANCOM came in gave us a loaner unit and then went on to replace the problem system.  We haven’t had a problem since.

The staff at ANCOM is extremely easy to work with scheduling of work and questions we have.  As a newly elected Sheriff, they had the patience to explain the problems and how they could be dealt with.

Wisconsin County Sheriff